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Greenwich Parent Voice

Royal Borough of Greenwich

We work closely with Nicole Allwood the Participation and Projects Officer for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at the Royal Borough of Greenwich. She's able to help us with the daily issues that arise and joins us meeting parents when appropriate. She also co-ordinates the flow of information between GPV and Children's Services. 

Disabled Children's Services Monthly Update

Joanne and Vivien meet every six months with Florence Kroll, Director or Children's Services. We also meet every month with other senior leaders in the Children with Disabilities Team (CWDT) in Greenwich council. These include Tracy Russell, Assistant Director Inclusion of Learning and Achievement, Joan Lightfoot, Head of Integrated Support for Children and Young People with SEND, Councillor Miranda Williams, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services meets with us ad hoc. Other service managers will join us depending on the topics discussed. We use this time to discuss ideas on service improvement, develop initiatives for co-working, share information and keep track of progress on our Action for Change.

Disabled Children’s Joint Commissioning Group

This is the Joint Commissioning Group meeting for Children’s Services. It is chaired by Tracy Russell, Assistant Director of Children’s Services. The meeting brings together all the groups who have responsibility for children with special needs or disabilities in our borough alongside Commissioning officers, Early Years managers, Health professionals and other key groups.

We are working with RBG on a SEND strategy and a linked action plan.

At each meeting we usually consider a specific topic and how to move forward on plans and service improvements (for example Short Break provision). Greenwich Parent Voice is an active and vocal participant in the group ensuring that parent views steer provision.

OFSTED Local Area SEND Inspection 

GPV are involved in the preparation for the OFSTED Local Area SEND inspection including reviewing the self-evaluation of SEND services.

Joint Commissioning Team for Children

We meet with the Head of Commissioning for Children's Services Dave Borland and his team of commissioners.

This is a valuable opportunity to give direct feedback on the efficacy and parent responses to commissioned services, and discuss the way forward.

Currently those services include integrated therapies (Health) for young people ages 0-25, short breaks, travel assistance, children's centres and the Universal Youth Service.Their key principles are that services should be co-produced and outcome focused, that young people are independent and resilient, that markets are bigger and more inclusive, that service are personalised and that young people can access all the services they need within the borough. Parents and carers play a vital role in bringing parent influence to bear on the strategy and delivery of all these services.

'Everybody Active' Forum

This forum brings together sports and physical activity service providers, the Royal Borough of Greenwich and organisations representing disabled people in the borough. It meets every two months and may invite other organisations to join it, either on a one-off basis or permanently. It aims to represent the disability, gender, ethnic and social make-up of the borough. Greenwich Parent Voice has a working role in the forum.

The Everybody Active forum's overarching aim is to increase the participation in sport and physical activity by disabled people across the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
This will be achieved by:
1) Agreeing an Action Plan that complies with Inclusive and Active 2: a sport and physical activity strategy for disabled people in London 2010-2015. It is a London wide strategy, with a vision of active disabled Londoners. It has been created in partnership between the Greater London Authority (GLA), NHS London and Interactive. It sets out five overarching strategic themes and identifies targeted outcomes to increase opportunities for disabled people to participate in sport and physical activity.
2) Monitoring the effectiveness of that Action Plan against its objectives and indicators.
3) Ensuring that the objectives of that Action Plan are embedded into all relevant plans for sport and physical activity across the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
Representatives at the Forum currently include:

  • ‘Interactive’
  • Greenwich Association of Disabled People
  • Greenwich Mencap
  • Blind Independence Greenwich
  • Greenwich Parent Voice
  • Paralympic Ambassadors from Greenwich Starting Blocks
  • GLL Sports Development
  • Charlton Athletic Community Trust
  • Active for Health
  • AHOY Centre
  • South London Special League
  • Pro-Active East
  • Motivate East
  • Activ Kids
  • Greenwich Dance

Royal Borough of Greenwich services:

  • Adults and Older People
  • Public Health and Wellbeing
  • Sports
  • Customer and Community Services
  • Families Information Service
  • Learning and Achievement
  • Children’s Services
  • Schools & Further Education

Much of the discussion in these forum meetings centres around removing the barriers to participation not just in organised sport, but in daily physical activity for disabled people of every age and ability. We look at initiatives to remove these barriers, encouraging and inspiring people to become more active, helping them to discover the benefits of sport. We look at communication channels to see how well these are working and what could be better. The forum also looks at developing mentoring schemes, campaigns to promote the success of local disabled athletes and sportspeople and improving hub websites where people go to find out local information. 

Here's a letter to parents about GPV from Tracy Russell, Assistant Director for Inclusion Learning and Achievement at the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Click on the image below to read: