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Greenwich Parent Voice


As a group we are asked to consult on a wide variety of topics both regionally and nationally. We take all the feedback and information we have gathered from parents and carers in Greenwich and make sure this has an influence when decisions are made. 

Some of that influence comes through our involvement with National Network of Parent Carer Forums. We communicate with forums in other areas, especially our local 'cluster' in South East London to drive the thematic messages from parents and carers through at a national level.

In our area, GPV contributes to the overall strategy for disabled children which is set by the Royal Borough of Greenwich. We also take part in 'consultations'. These are processes by which community groups are asked for their opinions on local authority statutory functions.

Consultations may be formal, for example when a new service is commissioned.  These have a set time-line and we take part alongside other 'stakeholders' such as organisations representing the voice of disabled children. It could be a short consultation around the build of a new leisure centre or at a bigger scale, for example the re-commissioning of a major service.

They also may be ongoing such as the project currently underway the UK and in every local authority for the implementation of the SEND reforms. We get involved in local authority work-streams to make sure parent views are feeding into every step of the process. This process of reform is going to take years to achieve so it's important that parents are involved now and in the future.

We get involved in shaping health services through our work with the local NHS trusts: Oxleas Foundation NHS Trust who deliver all the therapies that your child might access in the community, and Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Trust who run our local hospitals. We've getting more involved with our local Clinical Commissioning Group in Greenwich. The CCG is overseen by NHS England, and has responsibility for commissioning primary care services such as GP and dental services, as well as some specialised hospital services.

We are well known in Greenwich as group that can be approached by any organisation wishing to take the views of parents of disabled children into account. Groups regularly consulting with us include Royal Parks, Better Leisure and Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

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