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Greenwich Parent Voice


Take a few minutes to complete one of our short surveys. The results are always anonymised for sharing with the local authority, the health authority and other service providers. We provide comments boxes for you to provide more detailed feedback and examples. Printed copies are available on request.

We also publish links here to other surveys by the local authority. By completing these surveys you can directly influence commissioning and service provision in Greenwich.

GPV Health Survey

Click on the link above to tell us what you think about health service provision in Greenwich for your child with special needs. This includes GPs, hospitals, specialist consultants, mental health services, clinics and therapeutic services. Comment on what's working well and where you think changes must be made. The results will be shared with the local authority, Oxleas Foundation NHS Trust and with our local clinical commissioning group. This survey takes about 10 minutes.

GPV Physical Activity and Sports Survey

Click on the link above to tell us what physical and sporting activities you'd like for your child aged 0-25. You will be asked what activities your child is looking for, where and when they’d like to access these and what extra support they might need. The results will be shared with commissioners in the local authority and Better Leisure Limited as well as local 'short break' providers. This survey takes about 10 minutes.


The Royal Borough of Greenwich have been given a new central government grant support (£2.04m over 3 years 2018/19 to 2020/21).

They are consulting with a range of stakeholders, including parents and carers about how to spend the grant, to ensure that the current and projected needs of children and young people with special educational needs are met.

Its vital that you contribute your opinion on where you think this extra budget needs to be spent. The council have outlined a choice of proposals and need to know which parents would prefer overall.

Give RBG your views on the proposals and your priorities via the link below:


The survey will be open until end of day on 27/04/18.

To view the explanatory document along with info on the proposal options click on the image below for the full seven page document: